We bet you can’t drive five miles down the road without seeing a Ford F-150. Some of you probably can’t even step outside without bumping into a couple of them. It’s no wonder since the Ford F-Series truck has been the top selling pickup in the U.S. year after year.

The roadways are flooded with new F-150s, and the market for used F-150s is humming, too. One of more popular model years among used F-150s is 2009, so we decided to identify some of the best upgrades you can add to a ’09 Ford F-150 for around $1000 total.

CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Coversford-f150-caltrend

A set of seat covers is an easy way to clean up and customize the look of your ’09 F-150. CalTrend makes a line called NeoSupreme that protects your seats from kids, pets, and messy passengers. The neoprene covers offer a tight, custom fit, so they look much better than baggy, one-size-fits-all covers. You can choose from several colors and a few different designs to make sure your 2009 F-150 doesn’t look like the over 400,000 other Ford F-Series trucks out there. Take a look at this video to see for yourself on how easy the install of the NeoSupreme is and how great the seats look when you finish.

Lund StepRails Aluminum Steps

ford-f150-lund-black-stepsLund StepRails Aluminum Steps won’t rust or corrode. They’re easy to mount using your F-150’s existing body bolt holes and the EZ Bracket mounting system from Lund. It doesn’t matter if you have a standard or crew cab truck, StepRails come in a variety of sizes to fit your 2009 F-150. The black Lund StepRails allow you to make your F-150 stand out and look Ford Tough.

Paramount Raptor Style Front Grille & Bumper

ford-f150-raptor-grilleford-f150-raptor-grille2Speaking of Ford Tough, Paramount Automotive has a Raptor Style front grille. The F-150 Raptor SVT was released late 2009 but doesn’t quite fit the budget-minded criteria we’re aiming for.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow from the Raptor’s good looks.

You may not be familiar with Paramount Automotive, but Paramount is very familiar with the Ford F-150 and has designed this Raptor Style Grille to be easily installed in an afternoon. To complete the look, they also have a matching Raptor Style Front Bumper that will give you the aggressive look of a Ford Raptor but not break the bank.

UnderCover Swing Case

ford-f150-truck-bed-toolbox-openThe UnderCover Swing Case solves the problem of how to have a truck tool box but also use a tonneau cover to safely secure the truck bed. These tool boxes utilize that wasted space between the wheel well and tailgate, giving you full use of your truck bed in the process. Gone are the days of having an 8 foot truck bed turn into 5 ½ feet because of a tool box! Plus, the UnderCover Swing Case swings out from behind the wheel well and is completely accessible as you stand or sit on the tailgate.

Total cost for all of these bolt-on parts may be a little over $1,000, but we just couldn’t pass up the Raptor Style Grille! You can recoup some of that money by taking advantage of  Summit Racing’s Free Shipping or you can buy each accessory individually as your paycheck allows.