On cold mornings, your diesel engine may idle for several seconds after startup with NO OIL PRESSURE. That’s really not good—yet it’s only one of the reasons you should run a block heater. (Image/FASS Fuel Systems)

If you live in an area that endures freezing cold temperatures every winter, you probably already know the toll that bitter cold takes on your engine—and that’s especially true if you’ve got a diesel.

That’s why many diesels come with a built-in engine block heater. An electric block heater keeps the engine oil at a (relatively) high constant temperature when the vehicle is parked in cold weather. This ensures the oil flows well in the critical first few seconds of initial engine startup.

Why is that a big deal? Watch the video below from the fuel folks over at FASS Fuel Systems. It’ll explain all of the reasons why a block heater is so important for a diesel engine (and at what temperature you should start plugging yours in).

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