Here’s hoping for a better year in 2021…and with it, more opportunities to race.

Zamp Racing is ready to meet all your head protection needs with a whole new lineup of helmets that meets the new Snell SA2020 specifications.

What are the new Snell SA2020 specifications?

First, let’s review the Snell standard itself. The Snell Special Applications Standard, abbreviated as SA, is updated every five years. The most recognized safety standard in four-wheel motorsports, it has strict requirements for impacts, puncture and flame resistance, and face shield integrity.

The new SA2020 standard is nearly the same as the SA2015 standard, with a few key differences. The SA2020 requires more stringent impact testing and mandates that all helmets must have a threaded insert to accommodate head-and-neck restraints.

Zamp Racing offers a full line of the Snell SA2020 approved helmets for 2021 for a wide range of budgets. Here’s a video tour:

RZ-65D Helmet

RZ-56 Helmet and RZ-56 Air Helmet

RZ Series Dirt Helmet

RZ-36 Helmet and RZ-36 Air Helmet

RZ-64C Helmet

RZ-62 Helmet

RL-70E Helmet

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