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Watch NASCAR Legend Tony Stewart Pilot a Dragster

(Image/YouTube – Tony Stewart)

As one of the most famous race car drivers in NASCAR history, Tony Stewart knows his way around circle tracks, banked ovals, and road courses.

But what about the quarter-mile?

Stewart headed to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School to experience professional drag racing firsthand. After some classroom instruction, Hawley and his instructors strapped Stewart in a series of progressively more powerful dragsters and had him make a few passes.

How does Tony do behind the controls of a blazing-fast dragster? Find out in the video. (Image/YouTube – Tony Stewart)

Does this hint at Stewart’s possible interest towards campaigning in the NHRA? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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  3. Robert Golden says:

    It’s awsome to see Tony in a dragster. When you beat the wife hope yo have a dog house for big enough for to

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