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Tools Under $30 Gift Guide: Bolt & Nut Size Gauges

Simply take your bolt and screw it into the recessed end (or your nut onto the threaded end) to find the exact thread pitch you’re working with.
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Whether it’s for a holiday or birthday, this Tools Under 30 Dollars Gift Guide Series shows you important, yet somewhat uncommon, tools that any gearhead would want.

Today, let’s talk about Bolt & Nut Size Checkers.


Many folks, author included, have coffee cans filled with hardware. We’re talking nuts, bolts, and machine screws dating back to that toaster oven we took apart at age 14.

Will this hardware come in handy eventually? Heck Yes!

Is it organized? Heck Not Really!

A Bolt & Nut Size Checker (AKA Thread Gauge) solves that problem by letting you sort and catalog that trove of hardware by thread pitch.

That way, you can quickly find the nuts and bolts you’re looking for.

What’s more, these size checkers are really handy if you’re ordering fasteners online and need to know exactly what type of thread you need.

These gauges essentially come in two types. On the first type, the threads are all together on a single card. For the other, different threads are on separate blocks, strung together like a necklace. They both do the same job, it just boils down to your preference.

A lot of folks don’t know these gauges are available, so they’re often a smart gift to give and receive. Better still, there’s a good chance you can find one for under 30 bucks.

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