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Video: Crate Engine Shopping Tips From BluePrint Engines

Pete Stout from BluePrint Engines got with our friends at Summit Racing for their socially distanced Virtual Super Summit a couple of months ago, discussing key factors to consider when shopping for crate engines.

One of the coolest things BluePrint does, in addition to their 30-month, 50,000-mile warranty on each engine assembly they sell is that the company dyno tests EVERY individual engine they sell, and include the certified dyno sheets of the exact engine you’re buying.

Check out the video to learn a little more about crate engine shopping and how the crew at BluePrint Engines conducts business.

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  1. Thank You Pete Stout from Blue Print Engines. TRUE MECHANIC!
    Great presentation for Summit Racing. What impressed me was the fact throughout the whole presentation he didn’t use the word “motor”.
    I find that to be insulting to real mechanics. IT’S AN ENGINE; NOT A MOTOR. A starter is a motor…. Windshield Wipers use a motor….. Electric Windows use a motor….. Get it?
    Look it up in a Dictionary, It’ll will explain it to you.
    Thanks Again Pete Stout.

    • Terry Allen says:

      I looked it up a long time ago, and again today. According to and, engine came first, c.1250-1300, meaning a good idea. (The meaning, arguably, has changed a lot from its roots.)
      A motor straggled along from 1580-1590, being defined as “a comparatively small and powerful engine, especially an internal-combustion engine in an automobile , , , ” (Its origin was “to move, plus tor which apparently sprang from the root meaning to twist, from which sprang the corollary (not, Toyota) for torture engines, (which most of us don’t love), and the axle-twisting torque which we and Elon Musk love! So, an engine IS a motor.

  2. At the very least have your production grips hang some sound blankets just off camera and maybe on the floor to soften the acoustics in the room and eliminate the echo off all of the hard surfaces. The room sounds very “live” and this interferes with clarity and tends to obscure the talent’s pleasant voice. I am an old location sound recordist and unable to prevent myself from offering production notes.

  3. So engines run your windshield wipers huh?? Get real and call it what it is. If you were to write a resume to a large auto corporation applying for a Dynamometer Operators position you would use the word engines if you really wanted the job. If you read any technical papers from the SAE or an engineering firm you see the term engine if it ran on gasoline or some other form of petroleum fuel. If you didn’t invent it or develop it call it what it really is.

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  5. I spent 16 years doing Dynamometer Testing for a very large corporation. We never once tested a motor. I got paid well to test engines.

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