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How to Measure Axle Offset for New Disc Brake Kit (Video)

When installing a new rear brake kit on your vehicle, there are critical steps to determine the right kit for your setup, and there are no shortcuts.

In this video, the experts at Wilwood take you through the measurement process to determine which rear brake kit will fit your vehicle.

Among the expert advice is to never identify axle flange visually by shape.

Although Wilwood says this is a common mistake, it is imperative to take precise measurements to determine which brake kit will work with your axle.

Using two different rear-ends — a big Ford and Chevy 10/12-bolt rear-end with a C-clip — the video takes you through each step of the measurement process. Ideally, you’ll use a dial caliper to record important measurements precisely.

See the video for more.

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  2. Shirley S. Pennebaker says:

    If you are working on a new disc brake kit then this article is for you. The process of measuring offset of axle is given on this blog page which I can check to complete the task. Machinery is so important in this field of technology. Thanks for sharing this blog page with us.

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