Our friends at Summit Racing have launched a new high-performance motor oil and engine break-in oil, specially formulated with ZDDP for high-powered flat-tappet cam engines, as well as winter storage and collector vehicles driven infrequently.

The oil contains anti-scuff, anti-wear additives blended with advanced base oils which are idea for engines that experience high valve spring pressures, Summit Racing officials say.

This Summit Racing-brand oil is available both as a single-grade SAE30 break-in oil, specifically blended for breaking in new camshafts and seating piston rings, as well as multi-grade blends, which includes 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, and 20W50 motor oils.

The guys at Summit Racing told us that this oil (which is priced lower than other premium motor oils) is good for both racing and street applications, that it works great with power adders, and that it’s compatible with all common fuel types.

Check out the video for more.