Horsepower Wars

Horsepower Wars: Junkyard Challenge, Episode 1

Horsepower Wars is back in full swing, this time with the inaugural K&N Junkyard Challenge—a four-team competition where the participants will turn a junkyard hauler into a rig designed to out-duel the other competitors in an off-road quadrathon.

The quadrathon will feature four events—a barrel race, jump contest, tug-of-war, and short-course.

Each team will use $3,500 in case to purchase their truck and junkyard parts, and $2,000 in Summit Racing gift cards to help transform them into machines capable of performing in multiple disciplines.

Here are the four trucks the teams bought:

Check out Horsepower Wars’ Junkyard Challenge Episode 1 article for the full breakdown, a ton of information and photos about each of the teams, and how they’re approaching their respective truck builds.

And of course, watch Episode 1 above.

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