In today’s video, popular car builder and TV personality Mike Finnegan is going to walk you through the finer points of repairing an automotive quarter panel while highlighting the use of a Campbell Hausfeld angle die grinder air tool.

This video is a couple of years old, but we don’t think you’ll mind unless you’ve seen it before, and probably not even then.

On his own 1955 Chevy Bel-Air gasser, Finnegan uses the Campbell Hausfeld die grinder to remove primer behind the aftermarket quarter panel he needs to repair before re-welding it.

We like watching pros use tools in their natural environment to get a sense of how useful they are and whether we might want them.

This particular air tool uses 19 cfm of air. Finnegan said he recommends having at least a 20-gallon air compressor to power it.

Check it out.