In today’s video, Ryan from SCE Gaskets details innovative design features for two new gasket product lines for performance engine applications, which seem especially well-suited for engines with only four bolts per cylinder (as opposed to six, which inherently offers greater sealing).

He met with our friends at Summit Racing during a recent a visit to the company’s offices.

SCE Gaskets’ two new product lines include its new MLS GS gasket and Vulcan Cut Ring gasket.

The “GS” in the new multi-layered steel gasket offering stands for “gas stopper.” The sealing wizards at SCE used advanced metallurgy to fold a portion of the center plate on top of itself to essentially double its thickness.

The increased thickness combats common weak points in gasket sealing.

“This distributes more available clamp load to the combustion seal area around the bore, which is the most critical, especially on engines with only four bolts per cylinder—which is kind of a weak design from a head gasket designer’s point of view,” Ryan said.

The Vulcan Cut Ring gasket is a hybrid of two materials, first a composite head gasket which is an optimum material for sealing coolant (but not always good for sealing combustion pressure).

The SCE team introduced a stainless steel cut ring to lay facing up around each cylinder bore. The ring’s top side has precise ridges machined into it, and these ridges bit into the underside of cylinder heads under clamp load.

“It forms an extremely tough combustion seal. Well over 35 pounds of pressure,” Ryan said.

Both new products can be used on everything from stock to very high performance applications.

Check out the video above for more.