While Ford Mustang drivers can run the gamut from classic restoration guys to daily driver gals, all Mustang fans have one thing in common: passion for the original pony car.

No matter which category you and your Mustang fall into, a ton of suspension performance parts and customization options are at your fingertips. 

For those seeking a modest Mustang suspension upgrade, aftermarket bushings are an easy and affordable way to boost driving performance. They’re perfect for restoring your classic Mustang, or for upgrading from stock bushings.

Our friends at Whiteline and Nolathane offer polyurethane bushings that are stronger and longer lasting than the factory design, and are custom-made for each Mustang generation.

When added control is on your wish list, aftermarket sway bars are a popular upgrade.

Complete sway bar kits as well as links and components will improve cornering and reduce body roll.

Whiteline’s sway bars are designed to “Activate More Grip” on the road, to bring out more of that Mustang muscle. The adjustable kits are custom-designed for the Mustang, which provides optimum balancing and easy installation.

New Heavy-Duty Rear Toe Arms for Late Model S550 Mustang 

Sixth-generation Mustang (S550) owners can benefit from Whiteline’s new adjustable, heavy-duty rear toe arms. The control arms include Whiteline’s synthetic elastomer bushings, and optimize the Mustang’s rear-end geometry after lowering. They also offer the ability to adjust and fine-tune  the suspension even if the car isn’t lowered.

Pairing new rear toe arms with vertical links, lowering springs, and a sway bars will help the new Mustang’s independent rear suspension reach its full potential.

For serious wrench turners and performance tuners, Whiteline’s watts links are a Mustang upgrade to consider. The link creates even lateral transfer and puts even stress across the mounting points on your suspension system. They’re made from an engineered synthetic elastomer which reduces noise, vibration, and rigidity, and are a 100-percent bolt-on installation requiring no welding.