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How to Set Up and Install Roller Rockers and Lifters

Our friend Eric the Car Guy has been building a 383 stroker for his #ETCGDadsTruck project (a 1990 C1500). In the process, he created a separate, one-off video covering the ins and outs of installing roller rockers and lifters.

Check out the video below for valuable tips and tricks, as well as a step-by-step video overview of the entire process. Although this video focuses on a small block Chevy, the process remains largely the same when using the same or similar parts on other engines.

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  1. Obviously Summit did not have a knowledgeable tech support guy review this before putting it up here. Earl the car guy does not show sufficient understanding of how hydraulic lifters should be adjusted for proper preload. His assumption about being sure the lifter is on the base circle is wrong for instance. This video should be pulled until it has been corrected. No wonder he had a lot of valve train noise when he started his motor.

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