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How to Install and Fit a Nylon Cam Button

If you’re running a roller cam, it’s very likely that you’ll need to locate the camshaft to keep it from rocking back and forth.

One of the more economical ways to accomplish this is with a nylon cam button. And that’s the focus of this video from our partner, Eric the Car Guy, who was building a 383 stroker for his #ETCGDadsTruck project on his YouTube channel.

He used a nylon cam button to locate the cam in the engine but wasn’t able to find much information about the installation and fitment process on the Internet.

So he made his own video on the process.


  1. Interesting video, Eric was using a factory roller cam block As such it has a cam retainer plate that is located on the front of the block with two bolts You should still check cam end play but much more professional than a nylon bushing The retainer plate is a very durable system The nylon bushing was a drag race short use idea He also needs to reinforce the timing cover where the button contacts The cam float will push the front cover. There are roller bearing cam end play units that are intended for longer duration running(street, circle track,Bonneville) The machinist approach to the fitament would be to measure the cam end play first measure the height of the button Subtract the two less the desired end play and remove that amount You could also drill a small accsess hole in the cover directly in line with the cam to check end play/clearance When your modifying an OE design its best practice to do what they would have done Thanks Jeff

  2. Very helpful information. Thanks. I want to ask if there is a way to adjust the nylon cam button on a BBC without removing the intake. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

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