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Video: 5 Key Upgrades for Turbocharging a Street Car

In this episode of Precision Turbo Talks, Tristan Kimpel of Precision Turbo & Engine discusses the key automotive systems and components people should upgrade when adding a turbocharger to their engine.

There are five key areas to focus on, Kimpel says.

1. Upgrade your fuel system.

When you go to a turbocharged application, you’re adding more air. So you need more fuel, Kimpel says. Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and fuel filters are the usual suspects for upgrading.

2. Adding an engine management system.

A sophisticated self-learning ECU can help you achieve an optimized air/fuel ratio.

3. Upgrading your cooling system.

Turbocharged engines produce more heat. Heat robs your engine of power. Upgrading your cooling system is an important factor in minimizing the negative impact of that excess heat. An air-to-air intercooler is one way to improve your cooling system, Kimpel says.

4. A good boost control system.

“Properly sized wastegates help tame the beast,” Kimpel says.

5. Upgrading to a high-grade synthetic motor oil.

Turbochargers ask more of the engine because you’re putting more load on it. The added load generates more heat, which introduces more heat to the oiling system. You want to make sure to use a high-grade synthetic oil to deal with that extra heat, Kimpel says.

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  1. HAROLD LOVETT says:

    I have a 1971 Boss Mustang and I want to put a twin turbochargers on it, mainly for looks but I want around 800 to 1,000 HP on pump gas. I have had people tell me that I could not put a turbo on a 4 bolt main 351 Cleveland due to the block would not hold up to the turbo pressure. I have all so had people tell me that I could. I have talk to the sales people at Summit Racing in McDonough, GA (Only 10 Miles from my shop) and they tell me that no one makes a kit to fit a 351 Cleveland. I was wondering if any one makes a kit for a Ford 460 that I could adapt to fit the 351 Cleveland?

  2. DAVID L. BOYKIN JR says:

    like to know if you have any info on honda f&h motors h22-h23-v-tec. f22b non-v-tec dohc. for beginner. dave at davehondaracin1 thank you

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