Photo Gallery: 2019 Detroit Autorama

The 2019 Summit Racing Show Car Series premier event (with apologies to all of the other great shows on the calendar) took place this past weekend in Detroit, MI, where the Great 8 Ridler finalists were unveiled, and the Ridler Award winner was crowned.

But the Detroit Autorama isn’t just great because of the Ridler Award. There are hundreds of amazing custom cars on display, and fortunately for us, our friends at Championship Auto Shows do an excellent job of capturing so many of the cars on camera for those who can’t be there.

Two upcoming weekends remain on the Summit Racing Show Car Series calendar, including the always-special Chicago World of Wheels, March 8-10.

If you happen to live near one of the upcoming shows, you should definitely try to get to one.

(All Images/Daniel Fortuna – Championship Auto Shows)

(All Images/Daniel Fortuna – Championship Auto Shows)

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  1. David Knibbe says:

    These pictures from these shows suck.

  2. Then send us some of your pics David.

  3. mike curry says:

    how do i get ahold of daniel fortuna?

  4. They don’t suck. First on the down stroke, they draw in air/fuel then the piston goes back up on the compression stroke then the spark plug ignites fuel/air mixture and the piston is driven down in the power stroke by the burning fuel air explosion, then it happens all over again at over 5000 RPM. It’s called an internal combustion engine!

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