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2019 BASF Great Eight Nominees Revealed at the Detroit Autorama

DETROIT, MI—If you like variety, you love this year’s BASF Great Eight nominees for the prestigious Ridler Award at the 67th Detroit Autorama.

From highly polished takes on classic American muscle to street machines and Panel Delivery trucks…Fords and Chevys to Acadians, Willys, and Cadillacs, this year’s field of finalists has something for nearly everyone. Check out the Great Eight finalists below and vote in the comments section for your favorite!

1941 Willys

Owner: Quint Walberts
Hometown: Danville, IN
Class: Street Machine/Custom Rod

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle

Owner: Sonny Freeman
Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Class: 1183.0 Radical HT 1960-69

1932 Ford Victoria

Owner: Phil and Debbie Becker
Hometown: Dwight, IL
Class: Street Sedan Pre-1935

1947 Ford Sedan Delivery

Owner: Mel Harbaugh
Hometown: Ottawa Lake, MI
Class: Semi Custom Rod Panel 1935-48

1964 Acadian

Owner: Danny and Sandy Jadresko
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Class: Pro Street Custom 1949-64

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Owner: Pat and Debbie Moram
Hometown: Harrison Twp., MI
Class: Radical H/T

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

Owner: Steve Barton
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Class: 1040.0 Radical Custom Wagon 1949-current

1935 Ford Slantback Chapman

Owner: Robert Chapman
Hometown: Ontario, CA
Class: Rod Custom/Rod Sedan 1935-48



  1. Great pics of great cars.

  2. Mike Simonski says:

    You seemed to have left out the Lincoln Truck!
    Clearly a Great 8 Finalist.
    Best of luck to the Caddy and Acadia!

  3. I think that is a 1960 Cadillac. 59 had twin bullet stop lights on the tail fin

  4. All are done beautifully. I just don’t get the large wheels.

  5. Alain Lemire says:

    My bid is on the Caddy wagon! 🙂

  6. martin jurisevic says:

    1941 WILLYs is the best

  7. HAROLD LOVETT says:

    I think the 59/60 Caddie Wagon is my choice.

  8. Hard to beat All steel the 32 Victoria less is more totally elegant so many changes that no one can see.

  9. Scott Harder says:

    I really thought that Acadian had a chance over the Caddy. Builders shouldn’t shroud their engines so much. On another note, I wish the show had two things a)more race cars like autocross (The Optima Battery races are the next NASCAR!) and B)more interactive car stuff for kids to keep their interests after 30 minutes looking at cars the kids want toys, snacks, and the famous people don’t come out until kids cry to go home. We have lost two decades of kids to video games and in jeopardy to lose more!30 years ago when I was a kid, we had spark plug change contest, shifter racing on big screens, RC cars on mini tracks, etc. What happened???

  10. Although it is nice to have Canada represented in Detroit the builder of the Acadian, JF Launier is certainly not the type of person that we would like to see as our spokesman. I have been connected with the car hobby very close to JF’s shop in British Colombia all my life and although he may build some interesting creations he is known to be the most self centered individual you could meet. All smiles and good words until you turn your back…not a nice individual and not deserving of any additional attention.

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