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Horsepower Wars: $10K Drag Shootout 2 Top 10 Finalists Announced

Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2

Horsepower Wars’ popular $10K Drag Shootout is set to return for a second season, and the pool of potential competitors has been narrowed down to 10 finalists.

For those unfamiliar with the $10K Drag Shootout challenge, the concept is straightforward: four competing teams each will receive $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing Gift Card to modify their respective vehicles in the hopes of becoming the fastest on the drag strip.

The online video series will premier in September, culminating in a fight to the finish at Oct. 17-20 during No Mercy 10 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The winner of the challenge will leave with another $10,000 in cash—and, of course, their racing machine.

Last year, Eric Yost and driver Lyle Barnett led Team Bigun to victory behind the wheel of their “Beer Money” Mustang. During season two, the pair will return to defend their title.

Here are the 10 finalists looking to compete with Team Bigun in season 2:

  1. Andrade Racing
    Team Leader: John Andrade Jr.
    Driver: John Andrade Jr.
  2. Team Busted Nuts
    Team Leader: Mark Dykeman
    Driver: Dan Christopher
  3. Canadian Chaos
    Team Leader: Kandy Mitton
    Driver: Kandy Mitton
  4. Team Hardway
    Team Leader: Ryan Milliken
    Driver: Ryan Milliken
  5. Backroad Kings
    Team Leader: Luke Woody
    Driver: Luke Woody
  6. Team Locally Hated
    Team Leader: William Ashworth
    Driver: Steven Kelly
  7. Enemies Everywhere
    Team Leader: Jamie Farmer
    Driver: Jamie Farmer
  8. Team Kaotic
    Team Leader: Shane Speed
    Driver: Shane Speed
  9. Team Midwest Mayhem
    Team Leader: Joe Hunt
    Driver: Joey Hiykel
  10. Team Northeast Warriors
    Team Leader: Michael Zibella
    Driver: Pete Diamond

Learn more about each of these finalists—including their fastest times, motorsports background, and details about past vehicle projects—by visiting the Horsepower Wars website.

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