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Today’s truck bed mats and liners are available in a range of materials designed to resist the elements and wear and tear from everyday use. But what if you just want it to look good?

Being the largest flat surface on any pickup, the bed floor is a critical component of its overall appearance. Sometimes a nice, old-school, wood bed is the perfect complement to a restored classic or a highly customized late-model truck—at least that’s what Bed Wood and Parts is banking on.

The Kentucky-based manufacturer designs and produces a lineup of convenient all-in-one, drop-in bed kits designed to add some hand-crafted flair to a variety of domestic trucks dating back to model year 1925. These kits are now available from our friends at Summit Racing.

Bed Wood Red Truck

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Bed Wood claims to offer the aftermarket’s most complete selection of custom wood truck bed floors in a variety of distinct wood types and grain patterns. Buyers can personalize their trucks with domestic woods like ash, cherry, maple, and oak, or they can opt for more exotic options like bubinga or zebra wood.

Bed Wood Green Truck

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Each easy-to-install bed is made from show-quality wood that is cut to a thickness of 0.75-inch, pre-drilled, and pre-finished with an H2X exterior wood finish system, Bed Wood said. The kits include everything needed for a complete installation, including bed strips, fasteners, and bolts.

Bed Wood offers comprehensive installation instructions on its website, as well as a convenient visualizer tool to give you an idea of what the bed will look like in your truck when installed.

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