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SEMA 2018: PerTronix Adds Bluetooth Control to Ignition Lineup

LAS VEGAS, NV — PerTronix has introduced an ignition box that the company says will revolutionize the aftermarket ignition industry.

The PerTronix Digital HP Mobile CDI box maintains its ultra-small design, offers more features than ever, and is now controlled by Bluetooth wireless technology via the Digital HP Mobile app on your iPhone or Android. This easy-to-use app sets your three rev limits, shift light, start retard, spark settings, and tach preferences. Plus, you can save and load multiple settings, including modes for street and strip performance. There’s even a Valet mode and Security for the ultimate in vehicle protection.

For a product like this, it’s best to show, not tell.

So take the PerTronix Digital HP Mobile ignition box and app for a spin by watching this video.

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  1. Danial Miller says:

    This is freaking awesome!!! Hopefully, it is affordable.

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