FAST LSX HR 103mm Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold


LAS VEGAS, NV — FAST has developed the industry’s first polymer tunnel ram-style intake manifold, optimized for producing maximum power in boosted and natural aspirated engines, and launched it at the 2018 SEMA Show.

The new FAST LSX HR™ 103mm Intake Manifold is available for LS engines with:

  • Rectangular port LS3 cylinder heads, and
  • Raised port LS7 cylinder heads

The intake manifold comes with a set of removable ‘tall’ velocity stacks. Both ‘medium’ and ‘short’ velocity stack options are also available, but must be purchased separately. FAST officials say the stack interchangeability will allow racers to experiment with whichever combination makes the most power in their specific engine application.

The polymer construction—while lightweight and strong—is predominately there to eliminate power-robbing heat soak that occurs in most aluminum intake manifolds.

FAST officials say testing of the new LSX HR™ 103mm Intake Manifold has resulted in 30-horsepower gains between 5,000-7,500 rpm over other tunnel ram intake manifolds on the market.

The system was designed with boosted applications in mind. It’s rated for up to 45 psi of continuous pressure.

The compound fuel injector angle aims the spray pattern for ideal atomization, which maximizes power production and offers superior drivability, FAST officials say.

The top is reversible, so you can install the throttle body to face forward or toward the firewall. The unit also features two nitrous nozzle bosses per runner, which allows for clean and hassle-free direct port system installation.

FAST says the 103mm throttle body opening can be port match to 105mm.

FAST LSX Tunnel Ram Intake SEMA 2018