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Lot Shots Find of the Week: Cummins-Powered Ford Tudor Hot Rod



When Dodge decided to stuff a pavement-shaking Cummins turbodiesel engine into its Ram pickup truck way back in 1989, the engineers had to overcome a litany of technical and mechanical hurdles.

Turns out, that was child’s play compared to stuffing one in a hot rod.

But that’s exactly what some crazy builders did here.

Normally this is where we explain ‘why’ we chose a particular Lot Shots feature…but, just look at this monster we spotted at the Summit Racing Tallmadge, OH retail store.

For those who aren’t familiar with glow plugs and grid heaters, this particular Model A Tudor ain’t sporting something as sensible as a Ford Flattie or Chevy 350. Nope, this beast is powered by a Cummins B-series 5.9L turbodiesel.

The Cummins B-Series family was made from 1984-98 and included 4- and 6-cylinder variants.

Depending on the iteration, B-series engines generated anywhere from 400 to 600+ lb.-ft. of torque.

The Cummins B-series is perhaps most notable for being the engine that wound its way into Dodge trucks.

This hot rod’s massive engine almost (almost!) overshadows the impressive fabrication work done to the frame and chassis.

Suffice it to say, these folks know their way around a welder and tape measure.

It’s riding on an articulated air suspension and a tough-looking set of Fuel Off-Road wheels.

Speaking of wheels, its wearing duallys out back—which should provide plenty of grip for the Cummins’ mountain-moving torque.

Inside, a set of AutoMeter American Muscle Series gauges dress the instrument panel, and a B&M Shifter pulls the Cummins’ reins.

While those early Dodge and Cummins engineers did impressive work by creating a diesel-powered Dodge Ram—we’re downright awestruck at the time and talent that went into creating this compression-crushing rat rod.

(Oh, and did you notice that slick 1965 Buick Riviera parked alongside it? Check this out.)



















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  1. Carl Russell says:

    Beautifull I like very much. I just need the money to buy 1.
    I have Cummins in my p/u and my 2000 peterbuilt. That was really awesome to see thank for the pictures.

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