What’s the preferred ride of Vulcan Star Fleet Captains and corruption-busting bar bouncers?

If you said the Buick Riviera, you’d be right.

…and you probably watch too many movies.

But unlike Captain Spock’s fondness for the 1964 Rivi, in today’s Lot Shots, we’re focusing on the 1965 edition.

In 1989’s seminal film “Roadhouse”, the protagonist Dalton is actually seen driving two Rivieras, a 1963 in the opening credits, and later, a 1965—the latter playing a more prominent role in the film.

It seems Dalton may prefer the ’65, perhaps because of its concealed headlights. (As we find out in the film, his poor Buick is often the subject of vandalism.)

1965 was a big year for Rivieras, as it introduced not just the hidden headlights, but also the “Gran Sport” trim.

Under the hood you’ll find one of Buick’s Nailhead V8s. The motor was available in several configurations, with the high output “Super Wildcat” 425 cubic inch version making over 350 horsepower in 1965.

1965 also represented the final year for the Riviera’s first generation (1963-65).

We spotted this particular 1965 Buick Riviera in the Summit Racing retail store parking lot a few weeks ago, and it’s a perfect example of the breed.

Clean and straight, its black smoothie wheels and whitewall tires look perfectly at home here.

The interior looks darn-near stock too, save for a pair of aftermarket water temp. and oil pressure gauges.

Sadly, both Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Swayze are no longer with us, through we’re guessing they’d both be impressed with this classic Buick.

(Also, did you happen to notice the mean-looking rat rod parked alongside this car? Read this.)

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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