Under extreme, high-RPM operating stress, your engine’s valvetrain is subject to distortion and flex.

This can cause havoc with the valve operation, altering its geometry to cause poor performance or worse—engine damage.

That’s where valvetrain stabilizers (also known as stud girdles) come in.

As part of it’s “Dart University” program, in today’s video the folks at Dart walk you though the importance of valvetrain stability and the aftermarket solution for keeping your valve components secure.

A stud girdle clamps onto your engine’s rocker studs, essentially locking your rockers together to deliver the stability you need in a high-rpm performance engine.

But it’s not as simple as just slapping a girdle under your valve covers.

This video from Dart will show you how to install a few different types of girdles—which type you’ll need depends largely on which engine you have.

Properly installing a stud girdle allows you to still set valve lash and make the necessary adjustments for optimal valve operation.

The Dart video is less than four minutes and is a must-watch if you’re building a performance or race-bred engine.

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