Q: I’m building a 360 Dodge Magnum engine, and want to install a performance hydraulic roller camshaft.

I can’t find the replacement OEM lifter alignment bars that the stock roller lifters require.

Is there another lifter option for this engine?

A: Yes! You can use Howards Cams retrofit hydraulic roller lifters.

They work in both LA and Magnum blocks.

The engines share the same lifter body diameter, and lubricate the valvetrain through the pushrod. The lifters are taller than your OEM lifters, so you’ll need to measure for the correct pushrod length.

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Author: Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews was a mechanic for the U.S. Army, a Ford dealership, and served for many years as a fleet mechanic for construction companies. Now a technical content producer at Summit Racing, Dave has spent decades working on everything from military vehicles to high performance race machines.