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Got a 2011-2016 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra equipped with the LML-series 6.6L Duramax diesel engine?

DuramaxTuners’ SPADE Series LML Tuners can tweak your engine’s ECU to deliver more power and improved driveability.

SPADE stands for “Standalone Programming And Diagnostic Equipment,” and it’s able to work its magic by adjusting parameters like fuel delivery and shift points.

The device comes with pre-loaded tunes that you can easily flash-on to your engine computer—the built-in tunes are optimized for things like “Heavy Tow,” “Sport Economy,” and “Race.”

Each tune delivers significant double-digit horsepower gains and, while DuramaxTuners doesn’t quote specific miles-per-gallon numbers, it says many folks are reporting much better fuel economy as well. (There’s even a recipe on how to get 600+ HP from an LML engine, you can read about it here.)

The tunes also feature a Smart EGT Control that monitors exhaust gas temps and keeps them within safe limits.

Installing a tune is an easy, straightforward process; you can watch some tunes get installed and see the dyno results here:

Each kit comes with the SPADE tuner and a handy LSP (LML Switchable Performance) rotary dial that installs into your truck’s cab. The dial allows you to change tunes on-the-fly to respond to road/driving/towing conditions.

DuramaxTuner’s pre-loaded SPADE tuners don’t require you to delete emissions equipment and you can easily revert back to the truck’s stock tune at any time.

Want more info? DurmaxTuner has an in-depth blog that address a lot of the common questions and concerns about LML tuning. Read the Calibrated Power blog here.

And you can see the five most common questions answered in this video:

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