Dana Driveline Video Still

(Image/YouTube – Dana Spicer)

Proper driveline operating angles are critically important to prolonging the service life of your driveshaft, U-joints, bearings, and seals. That’s because the wrong driveline angles can cause excessive vibration, which eventually leads to noise, premature wear, and eventually component failure.

So, how do you ensure you’ve got the optimal driveline angle for your ride?

The driveline doctors over at Dana Spicer Drivetrain Products put together a good, in-depth video on how to check your angle and, more importantly, how to set it correctly.

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At over five minutes long, this video doesn’t skip on the details. Though it may look a bit dated, the content remains fully relevant and on-point.

There’s a section devoted entirely to performing the calculations you’ll need to work through, plus a diagram sequence on how to put all that data together.

If you’ve modified your chassis, swapped in a new transmission or rear end, or are starting a new project from scratch, this video is a must-watch.

The health of your driveshaft, U-joints, yokes, and bearings depend on it.

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