Q: I would like to install disc brakes on all four corners of my ’69 Camaro. It’s currently equipped with drum brakes, and they’re just not doing the trick.

I’m wondering if the suspension from a C4 Corvette can be made to work on a unibody vehicle. I think this would be a cost-effective way to give my Camaro some updated stopping power. If you say it’s a good idea, I’ll start searching my local junkyard for the parts.

rear wheel and tire package on a 1969 chevy camaro custom show car
(Image/Summit Racing – Todd Biss Productions)

A: Adding 4-wheel disc brakes to your Camaro is a great mod that’ll do wonders for the car’s drivability.

However, we suggest NOT using the C4 Corvette suspension components—even if they were free. There’s just too much fabrication involved.

Fortunately, there are many drum-to-disc brake conversion kits available that take the hassle and guesswork out of adding a new set of binders to a classic muscle car.

Summit Racing offers a full wheel kit that would make for a great choice up front. Around back, there are kits for both staggered shock and non-staggered shock applications.

The rear kits fit both 10- and 12-bolt rear ends. Good luck with the project!

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