Q: I own a 1986 Ford Bronco 4×4 with a 302 V8, electronic fuel injection, and a C-6 automatic transmission. The body is banged up and rusted beyond repair. I plan to remove it and install a 1951 Ford F-1 pickup body.

However, I’d like to remove the EFI and install a 4-barrel carburetor.

Do you know what changes are required? I know I’ll need a new intake and carburetor, but what about the distributor, fuel pump, wiring, etc.?

I’m not rebuilding the engine and don’t intend to race it. I would appreciate any suggestions!

A: Converting the 302 from EFI to carburetion will be easier than mounting the 1951 pickup body on the Bronco frame and running gear. Besides the new intake and carb, no major changes are needed.

When installing the F-1 body, be sure to provide enough clearance around the engine to allow the carburetor and transmission linkage, fuel lines, air cleaner, and other equipment to function properly.

You’ll need a new fuel pump—the best route is an electric fuel pump designed for carbureted applications. This will allow you to use the stock F-1 fuel tank without modifying it.

We also recommend an inline fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. This Holley fuel pump with regulator and a Summit Racing chrome fuel filter will do the trick.

A different distributor is needed, too.

Any non-computer-controlled electronic distributor will do, preferably with vacuum assist for better street manners.

A great choice would be MSD’s Pro Billet Ready-to-Run distributor. It features a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing, sealed ball bearings to prevent shaft wobble, and a new cap and rotor.

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