avies Craig Cooling System Video Still

(Image/Davies Craig)

Warmer ambient air temperatures put additional strain on your vehicle’s cooling system.

If you’re doing a lot of driving in a hot climate, there are some easy inspections that you can perform to ensure your car or truck can handle the heat.

The cooling system specialists at Davies Craig are pioneers in electric fan and water pump technology, so they’re good folks to ask about overheating.

They’ve got this quick video that walks you through a few basic cooling system health checkups—think of them as proactive maintenance for your hoses, fan(s), coolant, and water pump.

An improperly functioning cooling system can result in poor performance and fuel economy, and (if left unchecked) can result in serious engine damage.

Regardless of what the outside thermometer says, maintaining your cooling system performance is essential to a happy engine.

Whether you have a newer vehicle with an electric fan and pump, or an older engine with a mechanical water pump/fan setup, this video is a must-watch.