Ford’s announcement will spell the end of its sport compact offerings, including the Focus RS pictured here. (Image/

Ford recently announced plans to eliminate the majority of its passenger car offerings from its lineup so it can focus production capabilities on better-selling SUVs, trucks, and crossover vehicles.

Relax Mustang fans, Ford was clear that its iconic pony car will not be affected by the shift.

The list of vehicles being eliminated include the Ford Focus, Fusion, C-Max, Taurus, and Fiesta.

The Mustang will remain, as will a new Ford mini-crossover dubbed the “Focus Active” that’s coming over from Europe.

Ford’s move represents a shift in car buying trends resulting from upticks in light truck, SUV, and crossover vehicle sales.

This also means that there will be fewer vehicles in the competitive sport compact market, where Ford’s Fiesta ST, and Focus ST and Focus RS were popular models.

Jalopnik reports that Auto News’ Michael Martinez has tweeted dates of when Ford plans to cease production, and they have been confirmed by Ford officials.

  • May 2018, Ford Focus
  • March 2019, Ford Taurus
  • May 2019, Ford Fiesta

No official news of a production end date for the Fusion has been released.


This is the Euro-spec Ford Focus Active. (Image/

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