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LS and LT Engine Reference Guide for the Gen. 3, Gen. 4 & Gen. 5 LS/LT, Vortec/EcoTec3 Engines


Introduced in the 2014 C7 Corvette, the all-new LT engine series is the latest iteration of the GM V8. (Image/GM Corporate Newsroom)

Though the dozens of engines in the GM LS and LT families have many similarities, there are significant differences as well—and it’s important to know exactly what those are if you’re upgrading your LS or LT engine for more performance, or planning an LS or LT engine swap.

We’re trying to clear up some confusion between the dozens of engines that fall into the LS/LT engine families with Spec Guides, Spotter’s Guides, and Upgrade Guides on the LS and LT motors.

To make it easier to quickly distinguish key differences/similarities between each LT and LS engine, Summit Racing created a handy .PDF that you can use as a quick reference guide. You can download it in the link below, or keep scrolling down to the tables at the bottom of this story.

Click Here to View/Print/Download the Summit Racing LS & LT Engine Reference Guide,

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(Summit Racing’s Brian Nutter contributed to this article.)

Gen. 3/4/5 LS/LT and Vortec/EcoTec3 Guides

Gen. III LS & Vortec Engine Quick Reference Guide

Generation IIILiterCodeVehicleCam BoltsReluctorVVTAFMFlex FuelVIN
(8th Digit)
1997-045.7LS1F-Body, C5, GTO324xNoNoNoGAlum.Cathedral
2001-055.7LS6C5 Z06, CTS-V324xNoNoNoSAlum.Cathedral


Gen. IV LS & Vortec Engine Quick Reference Guide

Generation IVLiterCodeVehicleCam BoltsReluctorVVTAFMFlex FuelVIN (8th Digit)BlockHead
2005-065.3LS4FWD Car358x/4xNoYesNoCAlum.Cathedral
2007-095.3LS4FWD Car158x/4xNoYesNoCAlum.Cathedral
20066.0LS2Corvette, CTS-V358x/4xNoNoNoUAlum.Cathedral
20076.0LS2Corvette, CTS-V158x/4xNoNoNoUAlum.Cathedral
2005-066.0LS2SSR. TBSS324x/1xNoNoNoHAlum.Cathedral
2007-096.0LS2TBSS, 9-7X Aero158X/4XNoNoNoHAlum.Cathedral
2006-106.0L76Holden VZ2, VE1158X/4XNo2009+NoYAlum.Rectangle
2011-176.0L77Caprice PPV158X/4XNoYesYes2Alum.Rectangle
2011-156.0L77Holden VE2, VF158X/4XNoYesYesAlum.Rectangle
2011-166.0LC8CNG Fuel158X/4XYesNoNoBIronRectangle
2008-096.0LFAHybrid Truck/SUV158X/4XYesYesNo5Alum.Cathedral
2010-136.0LZ1Hybrid Truck/SUV158X/4XYesYesYesJAlum.Cathedral
2010-156.2L99Camaro (auto)158X/4XYesYesNoJAlum.Rectangle
2008-176.2LS3Performance Cars158X/4XNoNoNoWAlum.Rectangle
2010-136.2LS3C6 Grand Sport358X/4XNoNoNoWAlum.Rectangle
2008-156.2LSACTS-V, 5th Gen. ZL-1158X/4XNoNoNoPAlum.Rectangle
2009-136.2LS9Corvette ZR-1358X/4XNoNoNoTAlum.Rectangle
2006-157.0LS7C6 Z06, Camaro Z/28358X/4XNoNoNoEAlum.Square


Gen. V LT & EcoTec3 Engine Quick Reference Guide

Generation VLiterCodeVehicleCam BoltReluctorVVTAFMFlex FuelVIN (8th Digit)BlockHead
2014+5.3L83Truck158x/4xYesYesYesCAlum.Direct Injection
2014+5.3L8BTruck Hybrid E-Assist158x/4xYesYesYesRAlum.Direct Injection
2014+6.2LT1Camaro, Corvette158x/4xYesYesNo7Alum.Direct Injection
2014+6.2L86Truck158x/4xYesYesNoJAlum.Direct Injection
2014+6.2LT4Corvette Z06158x/4xYesYesNo6Alum.Direct Injection
2014+6.2LT4Camaro ZL1 (manual)158x/4xYesNoNo6Alum.Direct Injection
2018+6.2LT5Corvette ZR1158x/4xYesNoNo9Alum.Direct Injection
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  1. I’m looking for the L9H 6.2 L truck engine upgrades and modifications report

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  3. DJ Mitchell says:

    Hi if anybody can help me I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT it had a 4.8 DOD motor in it Gen 4 motor and I swapped it for a 5.3 Gen 3 motor non DOD motor I hook up everything the same exact way it was hooked up on the 4.8 I did the security unlock and all it does is crank it will not start I’ve checked the crank sensor the cam sensor all my spark plugs and coil packs and all the grounds everything is good fuses and relays are all good fuel pump is good just won’t start please help

    • Did you change out the the computer or have the old one reflashed also all GROUNDS must be present

    • all you need to make provisions for is the reluctor wheel the knock sensors and You’ll need to change the timing to the correct 4x setup so the CPU sees everything correctly

  4. jake franklin says:

    Change HR panel circuit and mount, along with the wire harness. Unfortunately it wont decipher fuel, air and timing, but its much more complicated than that. Ask my good friend Aaron Kauffman when he put the hellcat from the new Charger in the vintage oldy. Go see a reputable GM dealership, they’ll get you what you need.

  5. Mike Sims says:

    So I just picked up a 06 5.3 LS looking to upgrade it. I was told you have a kit for it to make it like a 6.3. was checking to see if you could point me in the right direction thanks

  6. Andy Clough says:

    Is it possible to put the heads from a 2016 5.3L on a 2003 5.3L.

  7. David M Drake says:

    Will a gen 5 block and heads work in a 2010 Silverado gen 4

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