While replacing a water pump may seem like a pretty straightforward affair, there are several things you should look out for when doing the job that can prevent premature failure. More importantly, there are certain steps that shouldn’t be skipped to ensure your new water pump will last and your cooling system stays leak-free.

The water pump wizards over at ACDelco made this seven-minute video that’s loaded with important tips on water pump replacement.

It also shows you what to look out for when replacing your pump, so you won’t end up doing the job again three months later. Plus, it shows you what to look for in related engine and cooling systems components, like your fan, radiator, engine mounts, and belts and hoses.

The video talks at length about the chemistry of the coolant itself, and how it’s important to the overall health of your cooling system.

Even if you’ve done several electrical or mechanical water pump jobs in the past, there’s stuff in here that you might not have thought of—regardless of whether you’re a professional mechanic or just doing the work in your home garage.

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