The Roadster Shop used a SPEC Chassis as part of this gnarly 1968 Camaro Pro Touring build. See more pics here. (Image/Roadster Shop)

The foundation of a vintage vehicle build is the frame. Any damage, whether its from rust or a wreck, can cause havoc when its time to get the car roadworthy.

And it’s not like you can go to a junkyard and salvage a frame from a 50-year-old vehicle and expect it to be in good condition—that is, of course, if you can find one at all.

More importantly, if you’re building a restomod or Pro Tourer, you’ll probably end up modifying the frame significantly to make all the new parts fit.

That’s what makes Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis so. dang. cool.

SPEC-Series Chassis are essentially better-than-new frames, built using cutting-edge technology to make them lighter, stronger, and easier to install than an old factory frame.

Better yet, Roadster Shop performs key modifications to make these frames more receptive to things like a lowered stance, disc brakes, a modern engine, and rear mini-tubs. A completely new proprietary suspension geometry provides a more precise blend of ride quality and handling performance.

These aren’t just frames either—depending on your application, SPEC Chassis can include either airbag or coil-over suspension, power rack & pinion steering, adjustable A-arm eccentric mounts, spindles, parallel 4-Bar rear suspension, and a Ford-style 9″ housing with 31 spline axles.

The frames include engine mounts for a traditional small or big block Chevy motor, and can be easily adapted to accommodate LS and new LT series engines.

That makes Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis a bolt-in solution for folks who need a new frame, or don’t want to endure the hassle of modifying their stock frame.


Chassis for a 1968-72 Chevy Chevelle. (Image/Roadster Shop)

Our pals at Summit Racing are now an exclusive distributor of Roadster Shop SPEC Series Chassis. The price you see on the website is the total cost of the chassis, shipping and all. That means you can get a Roadster Shop SPEC Series Chassis delivered to your business or nearest terminal with no hidden fees and no surprises.

Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis are currently available at for the following applications:

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