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Parts Bin: ARB Portable Fridge/Freezers

From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out what’s in our parts bin this week:

ARB Fridge Freezer

(Image/Offroad Images Studio Photography)

ARB’s got a line of Portable Fridge/Freezers that are practically must-haves for anyone who’s into hunting, camping, overlanding, or who otherwise spends a lot of time in their car or truck.

These aren’t just gussied-up dorm-room fridges either, they’re purpose-built for off-road environments and boast rugged durability.

Better still, they don’t use ice, so you won’t be lugging those heavy bags to-and-from your campground or jobsite.

ARB says they can be used as a fridge or freezer by simply adjusting the front-panel controls to the appropriate temperature.

ARB Fridge Freezer Open

ARB makes these fridge/freezer units in several different sizes. (Image/Offroad Images Studio Photography)

The unit is powered by your vehicle’s battery, but ARB’s clever circuit design automatically shuts off the fridge if it senses your battery is getting too weak to start the vehicle.

So your car still starts and your bologna stays cold—call that a win-win.

According to ARB, an average car battery will power the fridge/freezer for about two days without requiring that safeguard circuit to kick in.

You can get an ARB fridge/freezer combo in 37-, 50-, 63-, and 82-quart sizes. So whether you’re cooling brewskies for the softball team or storing a frozen brisket for dinner, ARB’s got the right size for you.

At this year’s SEMA show, we hooked up with the gang at ARB to learn more about these handy fridges. Check out the video to learn more:

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  1. Bill schmidt says:

    Can I make ice for my fuel cool can??

    • Hey Bill, according to ARB’s website, these fridge/freezers can cool down to 0-degrees F, which is plenty cold enough to freeze water–though we can’t speak to how long it would take or how energy efficient that would be.

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