Digital Guard Dawg Push-Button Start Installed

Digital Guard Dawg systems are a smart way to add keyless entry and push-button start to a vintage muscle car or hot rod. (Image/Digital Guard Dawg)

If you’ve got an older vehicle but want to enjoy the modern security and convenience of keyless entry and push-button starting, Digital Guard Dawg has your back. Its 2Go Keyless and iKEY systems let you leave your keys at home and allows a compact electronic “key” fob to lock/unlock your doors and engage your ignition automatically—like magic.

Digital Guard Dawg is a leader in vehicle RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which is what makes keyless entry possible.

These systems create an invisible wireless “bubble” around your car or truck. If you’ve got the Digital Guard Dawg RFID device in your pocket and you’re in the bubble, the car is unlocked and the ignition is energized. When you leave the bubble, the system will disable the starter and lock the doors as you walk away. That means you’ll never forget to lock your doors, plus even if some ne’er-do-well does manage to get into your vehicle, they won’t be able to start the engine and drive away.

Different Digital Guard Dawg systems add or remove features, so you can select the one that best meets your needs. Installation is straightforward. You don’t need much automotive electronics experience to get your system up and running.

Digital Guard Dawg systems are compatible with most cars and trucks. They’re perfect for adding security to a vintage hot rod or muscle car, or even a late model daily driver that didn’t come from the factory with keyless entry and starting. Keyless systems for motorcycles are also available.

See Digital Guard Dawg’s iKEY system in action here: