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Pro-Filer Performance makes cylinder heads for small/big Chevy and small/big Ford engines, plus intake manifolds for the big block Chevy. If the name Pro-Filer sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen their products in the winner’s circle at NMCA, PSCA, and other drag racing events across the country.

To ensure the highest precision and quality, Pro-Filer’s entire manufacturing process (design, mold-making, tooling, casting, final machining, and assembly) takes place in-house at its Ohio facility.

Here are a few of Pro-Filer’s most popular products.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Sniper X Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevy
Designed for 502 and larger cubic inch engines, the Sniper X head flows big air—over 460 cfm intake/325 cfm exhaust on the 375 intake runner version. The Sniper X is 100% CNC ported and maintains the OE 24-degree valve angle required for classes like the popular X275 Radial. The head accepts standard big block Chevy parts including pistons, intake manifolds, and rocker arms. Sniper X cylinder heads are available bare or fully assembled.

Sniper and Sniper Jr. Intake Manifolds for Big Block Chevy
These single plane intake manifolds are designed with the optimum runner-to-plenum volume for maximum airflow and performance. Sniper Intake Manifolds are recommended for 565 and larger cubic inch engines. The Sniper Jr. manifolds are recommended for 468-565 cubic inch engines. Both have a 3,000-8,000 rpm operating range.

All-American Cylinder Heads for Small Block Chevy
With so many intake runner, combustion chamber, and valve spring choices, we challenge you not to find a Pro-Filer All-American cylinder head that won’t work on your small block. The 23 degree All-Americans feature as-cast runners and chambers; revised spark plug locations to improve flame travel for more efficient combustion; manganese bronze valve guides; and steel valve seats.

Profiler Performance has dozens of more cylinder head and intake manifold options. You can find them here.