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New Bronco? Mysterious Ford SUV Spotted in Detroit

2017 Ford Everest

This is the 2017 Ford Everest, a mid-size SUV sold in markets outside the U.S. (Image/Ford Australia)

The Ford Everest is sold outside the United States as Ford’s mid-size SUV. With the vehicle platform already in place, it seems logical that Ford’s engineers would use the Everest underpinnings as the basis for the new Bronco and/or Ranger.

Spy shot photos appeared on the SEMA website Thursday afternoon. They show an unnamed Ford SUV (very similar to the Everest) in a parking lot. It’s front end masked in the familiar concealment shroud.

Is this our first real look at the new Bronco? Or a clever red herring from the FoMoCo?

Ford Everest Bronco Test Mule, front

Test bed or a glimpse of the new Bronco’s styling? We’ll have to wait and see. (Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)

Perhaps this mystery mobile is just a chassis mule to test engine and drivetrain configurations, and the SUV will be completely re-skinned by Ford designers?

We’ll find out in the next 16 months, as Ford unveils the Bronco (and presumably the Ranger) for the auto show circuit. You can read more about these photos on the SEMA website and updates will be posted to OnAllCylinders as they occur.

Ford Everest Bronco Test Mule, rear

Even without any badges, it’s easy to see this vehicle’s resemblance to the Ford Everest. (Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)

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  1. looks Acadia ish

  2. Zeppo Jaworski says:

    Pete with Ford’s success in the truck market why would they want to copy someone else’s iron. Don’t all so called 1/2 ton pickups resemble a ford from behind. Without the badge you would have a hard time distinguishing one from the other.

  3. Stop smoking crack. The SUV in the pic is unibody FWD. The new Ranger/Bronco is RWD/4WD body on frame.

  4. Mike Pedderson says:

    My guess, 2019 Explorer.

    • Mike Pedderson says:

      Just looked up the 2019 Explorer… probably not. This one looks too small, still looks like a unibody though. It’s not the Escape, but it is close. Won’t be the first time an non-U.S. market car came here for testing.

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