If your engine’s fuel-consumption requirements fall within the capabilities of Summit Racing-brand Universal Electric Fuel Pumps, then they provide a user-friendly, low-cost alternative to the biggest brand names in fuel delivery, Summit Racing officials say.

In this video, Steve from Summit Racing, highlights the dependability of these external electric fuel pumps, touting their solid state motors and quiet operation.

There are three models available—two for gasoline and one for diesel applications.

1. SUM-G3145

For gas engines, operates at 2 to 3.5 pounds per square inch of pressure and flows 42 gallons per hour. Includes 40-micron fuel filter.

2. SUM-G3146

For gas engines, operates at 4 to 7 psi and flows 35 gph. Includes 40-micron fuel filter.

3. SUM-G3147

For diesel engines, operates at 4 to 7 psi and flows 35 gph. Includes 100-micron fuel filter.

‘What Size Fuel Pump Do I Need?’

An engine typically requires .5 pounds of fuel per horsepower every hour at wide open throttle. However, this number generally applies to naturally aspirated engines. Adjustments to the calculations must be made when using power adders.

Learn how to figure out the fuel pump size and flow rate that will work best for your vehicle.

Now check out this Summit Racing video introducing the Summit-brand electric fuel pumps.