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Rust Busters: How to Apply POR-15 Rust Preventive in 3 Easy Steps


POI-1QBRust is a car or truck owner’s worst enemy — or at least part of the automotive Legion of Doom.

Fortunately, POR-15 has come to the rescue with a corrosion-fighting line of rust preventive paints. While typical paints are weakened by moisture, POR-15 uses a unique formula of polymeric isocyanate derivatives that are strengthened when exposed to moisture. This allows the POR-15 to develop a long-lasting, non-porous, chip- and crack-resistant coating that keeps moisture and chemicals out.

But wait, students — there’s more science involved.

The dense, cross-linked molecular structure of POR-15 also allows it to bond chemically to rusted metal by penetrating the surface. POR-15 calls this “polydigital adhesion,” and you can see how it works in the photo below. This allows POR-15 to not only cover up rust and prevent it from spreading, but also strengthen the underlying metal and seal holes by forming its own membranes.


The photo on the left shows the finger-like characteristics of POR-15. These fingers penetrate the surface and create a bond with the metal. POR-15 calls this polydigital adhesion. The photo on the right shows how typical rust-preventive paints simply lay on the surface and do not create an actual bond with the substrate.

POR-15 coating options include:

  • POR-15 Black: ideal for frames, floorboards, trunks, and engine compartments
  • POR-15 Silver: contains metal filler and should be used on badly rusted steel to fill small holes
  • POR-15 Clear: for touch-up on exteriors surfaces before painting

You don’t need a chemistry degree to properly apply POR-15 rust preventive coatings. Unlike dual-stage coatings, POR-15 requires no catalyst. It’s typically applied with a roller and can even be top-coated by using the proper primer.

POR-15 has created a 3-step application process using:

Watch the video below for an overview of the application process. You can also look at some of the test results conducted on the coatings here.

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  1. RONNIE Robinson says:

    I’ve never used POR 15 so I can’t have an opinion. But those who don’t like POR15 There is a nother podoct you can use it’s 1step. It works very well I put on a 1998 flatbed ford in 2001 and it’s as good as new it renews the rust to metal give it a try. You won’t be disappointed

  2. Peter Kaplun says:

    Have used POR 15 and am most impressed with the results. Used it on a Mercury Marquis Restore 15 years ago, still no rust.
    However, have found an even better product made in Australia called “Rust Bullet” and I personally think this stuff way out does POR 15, used it heaps of times over the years on various projects and am totally convinced by it’s outstanding performance. Just my opinion guys.

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