From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track. In this week’s parts bin, we’re taking a closer look at some new fuel system offerings from FUELAB.

FUELAB’s line of electric fuel pumps, fuel filters, and fuel pressure regulators work together to create a fuel delivery system that is both responsive to engine demand and more reliable than “old-tech” systems. Every FUELAB product is tested and inspected before it leaves the factory and each one is backed by a two year limited warranty. Here are some of the latest FUELAB products available at Summit Racing:

Prodigy Fuel Pumps

fuelab prodigy fuel pump

FUELAB Prodigy Fuel Pumps are designed to keep your fuel cool. This prevents fuel vaporization (vapor lock), allowing for a constant duty cycle. FUELAB makes dozens of Prodigy pumps, with up to 200 gallons-per-hour flow rates — that’s enough to support engines making up to 1,800 horsepower. Prodigy pumps are the only ones on the market that feature speed-controllable, DC brushless motors. That makes them compact and durable, plus the motors require less current draw for reduced strain on the vehicle’s electrical system.

Prodigy pumps are available in 15 to 45 PSI configurations, for both EFI and carbureted applications. Prodigy pumps are compatible with gasoline, methanol, and ethanol.

Fuel Pressure Regulators

fuelab fuel pressure regulator

FUELAB makes a series of precision fuel regulators to complement its fuel pumps. Several configurations are available, supporting a wide range of carbureted and EFI motors, from 1 PSI to 125 PSI. For tight engine bays, FUELAB makes a series of regulators that are both small and lightweight. Feeding a race engine? FUELAB has regulators that can handle 5 GPM at 5 PSI.

Fuel Filters

fuelab inline fuel filter

FUELAB Fuel Filters are available with a choice of filter elements: 10 micron paper, 40 micron stainless steel, 75 micron stainless steel (recommended as a fuel pump pre-filter), and six micron fiberglass for ultimate filtering. The filter housing has machined internal radii to help minimize fuel pressure drop, and the filters are rated to 200 PSI maximum pressure. The filters are available in three and six-inch lengths and are compatible with most fuels.

Diesel Performance

fuelab diesel velocity fuel pump

FUELAB didn’t forget about the diesel crowd. It makes a series of fuel system components for performance diesel applications, including lift pumps, filtration systems, and regulators. For extreme performance diesel engines, FUELAB has got lift pumps that can flow up to 200 GPH. Summit Racing carries FUELAB diesel fuel pressure regulators; lift pumps for diesel engines; replacement fuel filter elements; and regulator rebuild kits.