We promise this is the nicest 1947 Buick Super Convertible you’ll see today.

In fact, there’s a good chance it’s the nicest 1947 Buick you’ve ever seen.

Dubbed the “Superliner” by owners Dale and Cindi Turner, the ’47 Super Convertible features modern innovations outfitted to its classic body. The leather-trimmed interior wraps around ambrosia wood panels, dash, steering wheel and shift knob, and is finished with metal accents. The dash and rear seat console offer viewing screens, and the car has cameras rather than rear and side mirrors.

More importantly, Superliner is powered by a GM LS6 engine topped with a Magnuson Supercharger. The transmission is a Corvette 4L65E with paddle shifters, and the wheels are 22-inch billet aluminum. It rides on a custom C4 Corvette suspension with RideTech ShockWave and RidePro e Air Compressor System.

Dale acquired the ’47 Buick and another car in 1992 for $3,500. He has since sold the other car, but invested six years and $400,000 into building Superliner into what it is today.

His investment hasn’t gone unnoticed. The car drew the attention of thousands of Atlanta Motorama attendees over the weekend, has won several awards, was displayed at Detroit Autorama and Goodguys, and featured in a Rod Authority article.

Take a look at the Superliner below, and follow more Atlanta Motorama coverage here.


Supercharged LS6 in 1947 Buick

1947 Buick Leather Interior

1947 Buick Super Convertible Interior

1947 Buick Super Convertible Trunk

1947 Buick Super Convertible 22-inch wheels

Dale Turner's 1947 Buick Super Convertible


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Author: Sean Cutright

Sean Cutright is the OnAllCylinders.com Managing Editor.