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Trick Flow PowerPort 240 Cylinder Heads for Big Block Mopar

Trick Flow PowerPort® 240 Cylinder Heads for Big Block Mopar

Trick Flow has taken its high performance act to the Mopar scene.

Well known for its Ford and GM cylinder heads, Trick Flow has now designed a set of high-flowing heads for Chrsyler’s B and RB engines. When dyno-tested on a 10.4:1 compression, 446-cubic-inch Mopar, these heads made 620 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 570 ft.-lbs. of torque at 5,000 rpm.

That’s the kind of performance we’ve come to expect from Trick Flow Specialties.

The PowerPort 240 heads feature fully profiled 78cc combustion chambers and CNC Street Ported 240cc intake/74cc exhaust runners for balanced airflow from runner to runner. Trick Flow engineers fixed the shortcomings of the factory head design by relocating the oil holes for the rocker shafts and optimizing the shape of the runners to increase airflow velocity and add much needed strength to the rocker arms’ shaft bosses.

The PowerPort 240 heads are available with your choice of three valve spring packages:
• 1.460-inch dual springs rated to .650-inch of valve lift
• 1.500-inch dual springs rated to .680-inch of valve lift
• 1.560-inch dual springs rated to .700-inch of valve lift

Trick Flow PowerPort 240 Cylinder Heads are machined to clear 3/8-inch pushrods and accommodate all factory-style big block pistons, roller rocker arms, intake manifolds, and headers. The heads are fully assembled with valves, valve springs, seals, locks and retainers.

Combustion Chamber: 78cc CNC profiled
Intake Runner: 240cc CNC Street Ported
Exhaust Runner: 74cc CNC Street Ported
Valve Sizes: 2.190-inch intake/1.760-inch exhaust, stainless steel
Valve Springs: Trick Flow by PAC Racing Pacaloy™
Valve Seats: ductile iron
Valve Guides: bronze alloy
Valve Spring Retainers: chromoly steel or titanium (1.500- and 1.560-inch springs only)
Valve Locks: 7-degree (1.460-inch springs) and 10-degree steel (1.500- and 1.560-inch springs)

Airflow Results (4.350-Inch Bore, 2-Inch Exhaust @ 28 Inches Water Pressure)
Valve Lift  Intake Flow  Exhaust Flow
.200-inch         154 cfm       130 cfm
.300-inch         230 cfm       186 cfm
.400-inch         282 cfm       222 cfm
.500-inch         310 cfm       243 cfm
.600-inch         326 cfm       253 cfm
.700-inch         334 cfm       262 cfm