The most dangerous time for any new or rebuilt engine is the initial startup.

It’s imperative that all internal engine components are properly lubricated before firing up your engine for the first time. Dry starts can lead premature engine component wear, costly damage, and reduced engine life. That’s why companies like Summit Racing offer specialized prelubers for engines with over-the-crank oil pumps or oil pumps that will not turn without rotating the crankshaft. These prelubers are especially valuable for late model engines, such as the GM LS, Ford modular motors, and late model HEMI.

Most engine prelubers use compressed air to prime new or rebuilt engines with fresh, clean oil. In the case of the Summit Racing Engine Preluber, the process takes just a matter of minutes. You simply connect the included hose to the block (after the oil filter), fill the preluber tank with four quarts of oil, and pressurize the tank with up to 100 pounds of air pressure.

You’re now ready to prelube your engine.

There are two basic steps to priming or prelubing the engine. First, open the valve in the tank to allow the air pressure to force oil into the engine. Then, hand-rotate the engine 360 degrees to ensure oil reaches all the passages within.

It’s really that simple—and it just may save or extend the life of your engine.

Watch the video below for a demonstration and see for yourself!

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Author: David Fuller

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