Do you live for weekends at the track? For faces blackened by rubber flecks from sick burnouts? For nostrils filled with smells of burning race fuel and smoking tires?

Does your pulse quicken at the starting line, waiting for that amber light?

We understand.

Victory is earned after hours of wrenching. Blood and sweat. Time and money. Sacrifice.

Your race car is ready.

You are ready.

And now the final piece of the puzzle of is outfitting your race trailer with the tools and accessories you need to make your race weekend a great experience, even when you’re not roaring down the track.

We’ve put together a list of items we think every race trailer could use. Maybe you’ll find something that makes sense for yours.

Trouble Lights

trouble light

These trouble lights are must-haves for working under the hood or under the car.

Quick-Fastener Wrenches

quick fastener wrenches

These quick-fastener wrenches have a blade contoured to fit inside quarter-turn fasteners for fast installation or removal.

Summit Racing Tiger Grip Gloves

 tiger grip gloves

Everyone who tries them, loves them. These nitrile rubber gloves are durable, strong, and flexible with a textured grip that helps with tool use.

Cordless Drills

cordless drill

You already have one. Maybe more than one. All we’re saying is, your race trailer needs one.

Spare Fuses


Not unlike shop towels, you can never have too many spare fuses lying around. Make sure your trailer has a stash.

Tire Covers

wheel cover

Every trailer needs tire covers to protect your tires from the hot sun. Exposing race slicks on hot, sunny days can actually throw off your chassis settings. They make special drag slick covers, too. 

Tie-Down and Axle Straps

summit racing tie down and axle straps

There are a lot of great tie-down straps, including those from companies like Mac’s and Cargobuckle, but we’d be remiss not endorsing Summit Racing’s tie-downs and axle strap packs. (They’re awesome.)

Trailer Aid and Holder Combo

trailer aid

If you need to fix a flat or change a tire on your trailer, this tool makes it easy to do without any help, without a jack, and without unloading anything you’re hauling. Rad. Every trailer needs one.

Pit Pal Trailer Organizers

pit pal trailer organizer

These organizers give you a place to keep hard-to-store items like oils, fluids, ratchet straps, and more, in one location.

Race Ramps Trailer Ramps

race ramps

These vehicle ramps are made of durable composite foam, are 74 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 7 inches high. A worthy addition to most trailers.

Mac’s Chassis Stabilizers

chassis stabilizer

Keeping your race car stable during transport eliminates vehicle bounce and minimizes the damaging effects of jostling around in the trailer. This chassis stabilizer will help.

Pingel Tow Strap

 Pingel strap

These 16-foot pingel tow straps feature a safety breakway that prevents potentially dangerous and damaging metal hooks from flying through the air if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop. It’s a smart thing to have on hand.

A well-stocked trailer gives you the best chance for success at the track. And be sure to see our Pit Tools Guides for more essential tools that you’ll want to keep in or around your trailer.

That win light belongs to you. Go get it.

Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.