Getting water in your fuel system is never a good thing. And when water gets into a diesel fuel system, it can lead to microbial growth and bio-degradation of the diesel. This leads to fuel filters and injectors becoming plugged and leading to huge headaches in terms of engine performance loss and chasing down replacement parts. The best thing to do is separate the water from the diesel to prevent any microbial growth from building up.

Thankfully, the aftermarket has developed a solution with Diesel Fuel Air / Water Separators. You may be wondering why you want to filter the air in diesel fuel. It’s because the air in the fuel can contain up to 2% water vapor, so by filtering that air, you eliminate another way water can damage your fuel system.

In this Summit Racing Quick Flicks Video, you will learn how the Air / Water Separator works and other information about the benefits of an Air / Water Separator.

Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders