So you bought a new Mustang. Let’s make it go faster, handle better, and look even more awesome.

We have assembled the following buyer’s guide for owners interested in the early performance upgrades available for the 2015 Ford Mustang.

As always, please remember to check your local and state laws for emissions standards when considering your purchases.

Ford Racing 2015 Mustang GT 627 Supercharger Kits

ford racing mustang supercharger

This supercharger kit fits 2015 Mustang GTs with manual transmissions only. According to Ford Racing, the kit produces 627 horsepower at 6900 rpm and 540 foot-pounds of torque at 4700 rpm, at about 9 psi of boost with 93-octane fuel.

Contents of the kit include:

  • The 2.3-liter Twin Vortices Supercharger Assembly
  • Intake manifold, electronic throttle body, air inlet system, and fuel rail
  • Complete air-to-liquid intercooler system with intercooler pump, heat exchanger and intercooler reservoir
  • The drive belt
  • Fuel injectors
  • Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration

Airaid SynthaFlow MXP Series Cold Air Intake System

airraid intake for ford mustang

This Airaid SynthaFlow MXP cold air intakes will improve airflow, horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency in your new Mustang, no matter which version you’re driving. Airaid built intakes designed for fast, hassle-free installation on the V8, V6 or EcoBoost models.

Summit Racing X-Pipes

Summit Racing® X-Pipes SUM-642140 2015 Mustang

These Summit Racing-branded X-pipes are an affordable way to open up your new Mustang’s exhaust system and add more power to that pony. Mandrel-bent tubing reduces backpressure in these crossover pipes. They are a worthy low-cost consideration for racers. These X-pipes do not include a catalytic converter.

BBK Power Plus Series Throttle Bodies

BBK ford mustang throttle body

These air-delivering BBK throttle bodies are built with robust 356 aluminum alloy and are precision-built for the perfect fit in your new Mustang.

Ford Racing Exhaust System

ford racing cat back exhaust

If you’re looking for a performance upgrade on your new Mustang’s exhaust system, Ford Racing’s exhaust systems for the 2015 Mustang will help you achieve the sound and power increase you want. You’ll find cat-back and rear axle-back systems, single- and dual-inlet configurations, tailpipe diameter options, and more.

Ford Racing GT FR3 Handling Packages

Improve handling without sacrificing ride quality in your Mustang GT with these FR3 handling packages from Ford Racing. Get road course performance out of your pony with one of these packages, which include:

  • Assembled front struts and rear shocks
  • Track one-inch lowering springs
  • Performance Pack upper strut mounts
  • Sway bar kit
  • Performance Pack rear toe link kit

Kooks Long-Tube Headers

kooks long tube ford mustang headers

Long-tube headers can help optimize scavenging and increase power to your 5.0. Kooks long-tube headers are built with your choice of 18-gauge steel or T-304 stainless steel and come ready to install with all the necessary gaskets and hardware.

Eibach Sway Bars

2015 Mustang Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway bars

Reduce body roll and gain the ability to critically fine-tune your Mustang’s handling characteristics with a new Eibach sway bar.

DiabloSport inTune Computer Programmers

diablo intune mustang

These are among the most powerful, fast and reliable tuners on the market, due to their dual processors and more than a gig of memory. You’ll get hour of data logging, custom tuning, diagnostics, and canned tune options for making power and achieving great fuel economy in your new Mustang.

3dCarbon Body Kits

3dcarbon body kit ford mustang

Make your new Mustang stand out from the others with a new factory-color-painted body kit from 3dCarbon. They’re made from high-quality injection-molded polyurethane, making them every bit as robust as the OEM body components from the factory.