From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out what’s in our parts bin this week:

TFS-4141t804-c02_cpTrick Flow PowerPort® 365 Cylinder Heads for Big Block Chevrolet

Trick Flow’s PowerPort 365 aluminum cylinder heads offer a great combination of big flow and cost effectiveness. Designed to extract as much power from the conventional big block Chevy design as possible, the cylinder heads are ideal for racers that want extra airflow, but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle and expense of converting to a “Big Chief” style cylinder head.

The PowerPort 365s have Trick Flow’s CNC Competition Ported runners; this top-of-the-line CNC machining process gives the runners a smooth, high resolution finish to maximize airflow. Trick Flow also revised the CNC-profiled combustion chambers to 119cc to help support higher compression ratios without compromising airflow.

A lot of work was spent balancing and maximizing airflow among all eight intake runners. On a factory-style head, the runners for cylinders one, four, five, and eight are “curved wall,” or dogleg style. These runners flow less than the other “straight wall” runners, meaning their respective cylinders get less air. Trick Flow reworked the curved wall runners on the PowerPort 365s to increase their airflow capacity. The result is more equally balanced airflow to all cylinders, which produces more power.

As tested on Trick Flow’s Superflow bench, peak airflow is 424 cfm intake/337 cfm exhaust at .900 inches of valve lift. The PowerPort 365s flow well at mid-lift too; the intake side flows 385 cfm at .600-inch lift and 411 cfm at .700-inch.

The PowerPort 365s love cubic inches, high compression, or a power adder like nitrous and supercharging. Trick Flow recommends using the heads on engines that are 500 cubic inches or larger.

Trick Flow PowerPort 365 Specifications
• Combustion Chambers: 119cc, CNC-profiled
• Intake Runners: 365cc CNC Competition Ported, stock location
• Exhaust Runners: 135cc CNC Competition Ported, ports raised .300 inch from stock
• Valves: 2.350-inch intake and 1.880-inch exhaust, one-piece stainless steel
• Valve Springs: Trick Flow by Pac Racing Pacaloy™1.645-inch diameter triple, rated to .900 inches of valve lift
• 10-degree titanium valve spring retainers and 10-degree steel valve locks
• 7/16-inch rocker arm studs and guideplates for 3/8-inch pushrods
• Can accommodate 7/16-inch pushrods to handle stiff race-style valve springs
• Accepts stud-mount or shaft-mount rocker arms

RES-RC9C10125306_inuRetroSound Radios and Accessories

Remember Town and Country radios? Reverb? Under-dash tape decks? Those were on the cutting edge of sound systems when our favorite 1960s musclecar rides were new, but went the way of the dodo bird and leaded gas. Today’s sound systems have cool stuff like iPod and Bluetooth connections, satellite radio compatibility, and built-in amplifiers. And thanks to RetroSound, you can fit that modern tune-ology in your classic ride or muscle car.

RetroSound head units have that classic push-button radio styling to fit in with your car’s interior—some are available with a choice of bezel and button styles. RetroSound’s patented InfiniMount adjustable shaft system makes installation easy. The radio face is removable, allowing you to remote-mount the head unit and put the display wherever you want when you use the optional extension cable.