Once in a while, we like to poke around the latest and greatest new products to see if anything strikes our fancy.

We found a few.

Our fancy has been struck.

And now we share them with you:

ACCEL Pro Fit Ceramic Spark Plug Wire Sets

ACCEL high temp ceramic spark plugs

You ever have some header clearance issues and burn your spark plug wire boots away? That’s always fun.

ACCEL makes shorty header spark plugs specifically to address this problem. But they did us one better with their new Pro Fit ceramic spark plug wire sets. The ceramic boots can withstand up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That means no more boots burning up next to header tubes. Or on our next road trip to the Sun.

MagnaFlow Performance Rockcrawler Exhaust

MagnaFlow Jeep JK exhaust rockcrawler

Hey, Jeep Wrangler JK owners. If you mostly stick to the streets, these may not appeal to you as much as others. But if you’re the rock-crawling, off-roading, maniacal type? These new exhaust systems from MagnaFlow provide a nice alternative to bashing up your exhaust components.

MagnaFlow’s Rockcrawler exhaust kits are going to give your Jeep more power without compromising any of your off-road capabilities. They have a high-clearance design that’s going to help prevent exhaust system damage while rocking your favorite trails.

These Rockcrawler systems are dyno-proven to give you more power than stock. The system exits out the driver’s side. And it sounds aggressive. Kind of like your awesome driving.

American Tonneau Company’s Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

American Tonneau Tri Fold

These tri-fold tonneaus caught our eye because of the simplicity of their installation and use. They come fully assembled. You just need to align them to your truck bed and tighten the front and rear clamps. Just a few minutes. You don’t even need tools.

Once installed, this made-in-the-USA soft tonneau is a breeze to fold back for access to your truck bed. They come with a 10-year warranty. And they won’t kill your bank account.

Everyone wins. Especially your rig.