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We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week we’re talking mufflers.

D.W. Aurora, IL

Q: I’m currently running tubular glasspack mufflers on my 1978 Ford F-150. Its pretty loud when you get on it! The truck sounds almost like a sports car. I think I would prefer a mellower sound but I don’t want to give up my current horsepower and torque. What type of mufflers would you recommend?

A: Picking the right muffler for your ride can be tricky. Your engine size, exhaust tubing diameter, and muffler location can alter your truck’s overall sound. There are some general guidelines when selecting a muffler. A straight-through design (like the Flowtech Purple Hornie) has minimal sound restriction, so it will generate a loud exhaust note. A chambered muffler (like the Flowmaster Delta Flow) produces an aggressive rumble that’s quieter than the straight-through. A turbo design (like the Summit Racing Turbo) creates a deep performance tone that tends to be quieter than the chambered.

A turbo muffler would probably be best for your F-150. It should maintain your current horsepower and torque while churning out a mellower sound. For more information on muffler selection, see our earlier post on how to choose the right muffler for your vehicle.

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